Friday, December 10, 2010



Standard view the Nissan X-Trail is quite okay. Because it is a concept promoted by the Japanese car manufacturer is already considered qualified even nearly perfect for all-terrain. And stay late just to polish the image of the Nissan X-Trail increasingly tough.As did Ino, owner of Nissan X-Trail in 2008. Do not want to Nissan X-Trail looks 'trondol' he alter slightly to the outside in with the concept of elegance.

Made fiber body kit Hamann version peg Ino from front to rear. For the work she believes in Adi Karya, Makassar."A little addition of body kit on the outside. Hopefully the car became more muscular look," said Ino in Makassar, a few days ago.

Color body kit body aligned with the original color of the factory default. Meanwhile,to tread the X-Trail, Ino uses Kruz 22 inch rims with wide tires per 35 265.Felt comfortable enough to invited to maneuver, and then switch to the front of Ino. For lighting, he uses LED lights, HID and angle eyes "after-market.

Continues into the interior, another crazy idea offered Ino. Funds up to USD 45 million, was he prepared to beautify the interior. In whole wrapped leather interior with 2 MB-tech color combinations. Do not miss cool sound device he uses to treat ear. "For the interior, I set aside USD 45 million. The price would have died if the interior was beautiful," said Homeland's original single men.

Overall, Ino spent USD 90 million with the old craftsmanship 3 weeks. Projects well enough for a man who will enter the age of 20 years
within a few months.

As a result, the X-Trail's Ino won the Best Interior Ilummination Effect, The Best of The Best SUV and Nissan on Clas Mild mat Accelera Auto Contest 'Soul of Unlimited Imagination' in Makassar in 2010 was some time ago