Monday, December 6, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Mazda2 versi hatchback | Gesit dan Gaya

SPESIFIKASI Mazda2 versi hatchback

PT Mazda Motor Indonesia does not seem like the concept that stylish fashion attached only on Mazda2 hatchback version. In order to further reinforce that image, Be Mazda2 sedan version.

From the front, may not be possible to distinguish with hatchbacknya version, but with the addition of 331 mm long, when a backward glance, you'll see more stern.

Yes, although transformed into sedan form, the design remains attractive segmented small sedan. Mazda2 sedan managed to prove himself not sekonvensional its competitors in its class.

Technical Specifications

Type 4-door sedan
MZR inline-four-cylinder, 16 valve DOHC, SVT, ETC.
1500 cc
Maximum Power
Ps 103
Peak torque of 135 Nm
Fuel Consumption
1:14 l / km (average)
USD 220-245 Million On The Road

Entry into the cabin too, no different from the hatchback version, unless of course, two tone color selection on jok, who made shades of elegant style sedan.

So does that remain the same sitting position with the hatchback version, however, there's more comfort in this sedan version. At least about the suspension damping.

Although still feels hard, but will not be until the rival Mazda2 hatchback which is designed for the driver to feel the sensation of sporty driving. Mazda2 sedan is more tender when passing a bumpy road.

Likewise when spurred handling in high speed. The aggressive suspension settings, making its control more enjoyable when driven.

Now it's time the gas pedal on the Mazda2 sedan type RA / T which is given to detikOto to try, as evidenced by the Mazda2 sedan, sedans if not always have a soft acceleration.

MZR 1.5L engine, inline-four-cylinder, DOHC 16 valve with Sequential Valve Timing (SVT) and Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) located behind the hood of the Mazda2 sedan is very dynamic.

Maximum power of 103 PS at 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 135 NM at 4,000 rpm, can really satisfy the instincts of a hungry young riders a responsive and dynamic acceleration.

And although the responsive and nimble, fuel consumption remained practically friendly to youth. On the Multi Information Display, listed number one liter can cover the distance 14.7 km. Not bad for a bag of college kids and new staff.

PT Mazda Motor Indonesia price Mazda2 sedan with a choice of type BC / T release USD 220 million. While type S A / T USD 230 million. While the Mazda2 Sedan RM / T cost Rp 236.5 million and the type of RA / T USD 245 million.