Thursday, August 5, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Nissan X-Trail Minor Change

SPESIFIKASI Nissan X-Trail Minor Change

Without a special celebration, PT Nissan Motor Indonesia or NMI launched sports utility vehicle X-Trail minor change. The main changes seen in the interior features with the addition of audio and this is done on all models, including versions Autech.

"Design of X-Trail minor change is more modern with more complete specifications, especially the entertainment features, comfort, and security," said Teddy Irawan, Vice President of National Sales and Marketing NMI, in his official statement received, today.

Audio devices in the form of head unit for type 2DIN 2.0 MT / Autech and 2.0 CVT / Autech. The type 2.5 St / Autech equipped DVD touch screen, including the 2.5Xt which coupled with a TV tuner applications.

Addition of these devices increasingly pamper owners to connect to digital music players like iPod and Mp3 player through the USB interface and Bluetooth. In addition, Bluetooth connectivity can also be used to answer the phone.

Other additions, at 2.0 CVT / Autech and 2.5 St / Autech imposed electric chair to adjust the position of the driver and front passenger seat. There is also a key intelligent features which are available on the type 2.0 CVT / Autech, 2.5 St / Autech, and 2.5 Xt easy access inside, locked the door, and opened the trunk with just one touch on the handle of the door.

Seen from the exterior, there was no significant change at all. Only, the main lighting enhanced with auto aimer and xenon lamp and headlamp cleaners for type 2.0 CVT / Autech, 2.5 St / Autech, and 2.5 Xt.