Monday, August 2, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Porsche Cayenne Diesel

SPESIFIKASI Porsche Cayenne Diesel

Well, blurred where? Of course with the Porsche name frill would run away if things can be done quickly. On the surface of asphalt, of course. Well, this time passing lane roads make matters worse aka off-road, still unable to escape? Obviously with the variant of the Porsche SUV, the Cayenne. Now comes the second generation, and tested on the track SCOP (Sentul City Off-road Park), Sentul.

Athletic Body
Porsche Cayenne was first launched in 2002 the same platform with the Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q7. Then experienced a facelift, and this time it appears with the second generation, who looked pretty much unchanged.

From afar, the new Cayenne looks smaller than its predecessor. And that's just a trick the eye alone, even greater dimensions than the previous version. Why is that?

Design your strengths that make this ride like a junkie bodied athletic sports, although still looked slim big. Some of the grooves on the body is made more pointed, especially the engine hood is designed with wide rounded up to the end of the muzzle of a shark-like grille.

In SCOP location, there are two models of the Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Cayenne S and Porsche Cayenne diesel. Now, turn the quota assigned to the solar drinkers grind aka dirt path off-road track in the area of Sentul, Bogor, it was.

Just like other Luxurious SUV, like the Land Rover Discovery, Audi Q7, BMW X5, and Volkswagen Touareg and Toyota Land Cruiser, cabin equipment arguably similar. Having a tuner equipped electric memory seats, individual air circulation, and other trinkets.

At the Porsche Cayenne is also equipped with air suspension, so the height can be adjusted to level the path impassable. Discovery did not like more specific suspension tuning in the field of off-road, more like the Touareg Cayenne which setting divided in Sport, Normal and Comfort. In this pathway Comfort option is used.

Automatic car height was increased. In order for the corners in the bigger pools on the road surface, so that baseball stuck with the body.

In addition there are other equipment on the Porsche is PTM (Porsche Traction Management). These appliances are also on other types such as 911 Carrera and the Panamera, but the Cayenne diesel, there is little difference, because it is used for off-road terrain.

To climb steep, Cayenne turbo torque feels this is far from enough to climb, let alone PTM dividing the front and rear traction wheels with self locking differential, which is the portion of the rear: the front of 60:40, to be divided again when one wheel loses traction with the aid of Antislip on the differential regulation.

Plus the Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus, so that the rear differential locked, so the traction to the road surface more leverage.

This time tested when passing a high mound, so that one wheel is lifted, traction is still good for three other wheels, while wheels that lose traction because the lift was going to stop the rotation through a coordinated braking with ASR and ABD.

Completed PHC (Porsche Hill Control) are also present, serves to hold the speed to be in 3 to 30 km / h on steep derivatives. However, at a negative angle where in addition to declining and tilted, slightly, to lump these functions, such as spoken Yuma Wiranata Kusumah, a seasoned off-roader as an instructor this activity.

"If you've experienced, better off just this functionality and control with the brakes, because this function is active when the car would be stuck alone and even slide the back," he said.

However, for ordinary drivers, of course very useful features in another brand called Hill Descent Control is. Stay wheel drive only, no need to worry mounts sliding uncontrollably.

So, with the Porsche Cayenne, other than fit for speeding on the asphalt, also still can be relied upon to 'flee' into the street without asphalt aka off-road.