Saturday, July 31, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Audi R8 FSI Quattro | Mobil Termahal

SPESIFIKASI Audi R8 FSI Quattro | Mobil Termahal

Car show in Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010 is currently underway. But of the many cars on display, Which car to be the most expensive and cheapest cars brought into the exhibition ATPM

IIMS 2010, held in the region JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, occupying 57 830 square meters and up to July 29, 2010 has been drawing attention from the 147 476 visitors.

And instead of the many existing car, the Audi R8 FSI Quattro Audi that was the most expensive car at IIMS with the official price ranging from USD 5.3 billion.

Meanwhile, Indonesia's national car, Wasps become the cheapest car on display at IIMS with the price USD 48 million only.

Actually there was another car like the Rolls-Royce Ghost which is suspected to have higher prices and go on display in this IIMS. But the car was not trafficked by the official car manufacturer, but only just taken by the General Importer. The price is certainly not the general importer.

Well then, let's peel what greatness Audi R8 FSI Quattro is a car that became the most expensive and Wasps cheapest car at this prestigious exhibition.

Viewed physically Audi R8 FSI Quattro do imply an aura of exotic sports is so strong. Design Audi R8 FSI Quattro impressed very sharp to support the dynamics and aerodynamics of this car.

It was not surprising. Audi R8 FSI Quattro For complemented by a capacity of 2.5 liter V10 engine direct injection FSI technology is already applying the typical German manufacturer.

With these machines, cars that trafficked by PT Garuda Mataram Motor which became Indonesia's car manufacturers Audi is finally able to accelerate from rest up to the speed of 100 km per hour in just 3.9 only and reach peak speeds up to 316 km / hr.

Great ability that it is not strange, especially when we find out if this car has enough power to reach 525 hp malignant ie up to 530 Nm of torque.

While Wasps made by PT Super Gasindo Jaya (SGJ) derived from Cimahi, Bandung, West Java with a cute and minimalist look.

Car body shape that takes this concept city car body design contrasts sharply with the Audi R8 FSI Quattro. Because when the Audi R8 FSI Quattro appear with sharp lines on his body, Wasps appear with curves that tend to impress the cute and rounded when viewed.

Similarly with the kitchen spur, Wasps and Audi R8 FSI Quattro is not a car that should be comparison. Because if Audi R8 FSI Quattro has reversed bonnet crazy machines, Wasps perform with the original engine design brings Indonesia's eco-friendly.

Wasps are currently carrying four stroke engine with three cylinders which is equivalent to 650 cc engine. This car can accommodate four adult passengers and can be accelerated by gentle manual transmission 4-speed thanks to their application.

According to the Project Manager Njoto Kuntoaji Wasp tells the engine block has been using aluminum alloy. "This is the same as those used luxury cars such as Jaguar and others," he said.

How else Wasps is Indonesia's national car and so this could be
to be Indonesia's future cars.

Curious about both? Just go straight IIMS arena in 2010. In this most prestigious auto show, Audi R8 FSI Quattro A8 can be enjoyed at Hall JIExpo. While Wasps will be looking at their booth in the corner of the JI Expo Hall C2 arena.