Friday, July 9, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Honda | Luncurkan Freed Spike

SPESIFIKASI Honda | Luncurkan Freed Spike

Today carmaker Honda began selling cars in Japan, namely the latest Freed Freed Spike. Like in Indonesia Freed Honda described the car as a compact car that athletic and strong.

Honda's car sales target is 2,500 units per month. This car was quoted as saying the official site of Honda, came up with dual-height floor panels, rear seats that can be regulated, and a small table that can be folded next to the cabin for storing glasses or other items.

But the dimensions, Freed Spike was a little smaller than the Freed in Indonesia. If in Indonesia, the length width and height reached 4.215x1.700x1.735, then Freed Spike has only 4.210x1.695x1.715 dimension. This of course makes it easy to park and Freed Spike driving on a narrow place.

Machinery and equipment carrying the 1.5-liter i-VTEC which offers 1.6 l/100km fuel consumption.

For safety features, this car has been accompanied with an Advanced Compatibility Engineering, pedestrian protection technology, in front and side airbags and Vehicle Stability Assist can not miss.

"With the style of Spike Freed, users can express the spirit and characteristics of individuals," wrote the Honda.

You like to see the sky from the cars? Relax, the Freed Spike on certain variants exist skyroof features. Car roof like a hole when rooftop opened.

How much does it cost? In Japan the car is released for 1.598 million yen. That means approximately USD 163.8 million with an exchange rate of 1 yen = USD 102.53.