Saturday, July 24, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Suzuki R3 Concept, MPV 7

SPESIFIKASI Suzuki R3 Concept, MPV 7

In the arena of Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010, PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) provides a unique concept car. Why unique? Since the car is designed with a character who fits perfectly into the Indonesian market.

Who would deny that seven-passenger MPV is the most popular in Indonesia. Suzuki APV for example, significant sales backbone Suzuki sales. Now, a concept car named Suzuki Suzuki R3, also designed for seven passengers.

This concept car was first introduced at the New Delhi Auto Show 2010 early last year. This sleek design is claimed is a joint development between the manufacturer Maruti Suzuki India and Japan.
When looking from the side of this MPV body line looks dynamic but still futuristic. Not rigid nor too round, a combination that fits for exterior design. R3 has shaped headlights and a right triangle-shaped grille V. While in the rear, lights placed at the top of the pillars D.

In addition, the trunk door comes with a transparent design. And most pamper passengers is, R3 exist without pillars C. As a result, passengers from the rear seat row will be easier in and out! Who knows, this advantage actually applied for the MPV future of Suzuki.
For business accommodation, R3 is able to accommodate six to seven people at once. Yummy, two chairs in the middle seat is present in an individual format. Access to the middle and rear passengers are also quite easy. Because this car embraces suicide door model, so that rear passengers do not need to fold the middle seat for access in and out.

"We hope when the later mass produced, the machine will use the K-series from Suzuki. This machine proved to be stubborn and fuel economy, "said Endro Nugroho, marketing director of SIS. The choice may fall on the engine capacity of 1200cc or 1400cc.