Sunday, September 26, 2010

Singapore Formula 1: Alonso is winner of the night before the F1 GP in Singapore, with 0.2 sec Vettel

Singapore Formula 1
Singapore Formula 1 Results

Singapore and at a humidity of 63 percent is 30 degrees hot. Different than feared, it does not rain in Singapore. The probability that it comes during the race to a storm is forecast to at least 60 percent. Alonso starts from pole in front of the World Cup favorites Vettel, Hamilton, Button and Webber.

The starting positions of the German rider: Position 7 Rosberg, Schumacher, 9, 14 Heidfeld 15 Sutil 17 Hülkenberg and 18 Glock. The second Ferrari driver, Felipe Massa, has to start after a defect in qualifying at the last position. Alguersuari 11 in qualifying, started from the pit lane. At the start everything went smoothly: Vettel comes off well, Alonso urges Vettel with a very severe maneuver, nothing happens. Vettel claims but 2nd place ahead of Hamilton, Button and Webber.

In lap 17 Alonso already has a lead of 3.1 seconds on Vettel. Massa has started on P24 and is already in the round of 20 on P13 - great performance! Webber is stuck at number eight behind Barrichello. The distance between Vettel and Alonso has now stabilized at just under 3.2 seconds. Hamilton loses against further 3-4 seconds per lap.

In the last round, the distance between Alonso and Vettel remains the same. Webber is more firmly behind Barrichello. Lap 27: Vettel reduced its deficit by a further 0.4 seconds. Glock has since been re drchgereicht ranked 17th Lap 28: Alonso makes the 4 / 10 against Vettel good again, the gap remains roughly constant at 3 seconds. Round 29: A perfect stop at Hamilton, although he is only behind Button so on P6 back on track.

In the Lap 30: Alonso and Vettel are simultaneously on the box. Alonso remains thereafter but before Vettel. Lap 31: Vettel comes to within 1.2 seconds to Alonso. Round 32: Kobayashi and Senna collide - the safety car comes onto the track. Vettel, meanwhile, had to herangekämpft to 0.8 seconds on Alonso. Lap 34: The race of returnees Klien is over. The Austrians must leave the HRT in the pits.

The safety car comes in the round of 35 back here. The race is restarted. Alonso stays ahead of Vettel and Webber. Lap 36: There is a Kollsion between Hamilton and Webber. For Hamilton, the race is over. Alonso may be back to collect on two seconds of Vettel. Schumacher collided with Heidfeld and pushes the Sauber drivers in the barriers. Heidfeld for the race is over.

Round 41: Schumacher has fallen back after his collision with Heidfeld in 15th place. Vettel goes again the fastest lap time, reduced its deficit by a further 2 / 10 at Webber apparently built from the tires, Button comes closer to the Australians. Round 51: Ten rounds still to go, time to stay for about 20 minutes. In the last round, the distance between Vettel and Alonso has remained constant.

Round 55: Alonso and Vettel go back almost exactly the same lap times. Webber can maintain his lead over Button. Kubica grabs on new tires Hülkenberg. Round 59: Two laps to go Alonso goes again a fastest lap. Vettel holds a personal fastest lap on the other hand - the two pay nothing.

Round 60: Kovalainen drives with burning back on track. The last round has started: Vettel is very close to Alonso. Now Alonso and Vettel to run even on Massa. Alonso escapes from Vettel was the first to the finish and wins the GP of Singapore. Distance from Vettel (P2) are su Alonso just 0.2 seconds. Webber is third ahead of Button. Rosberg finished the race in fifth A great result for the Mercedes-pilot.