Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Proton Neo S2000 Versi Rally

SPESIFIKASI Proton Neo S2000 Versi Rally

Latest Neo Proton has the same exterior design with S2000 cars Proton Rally Team had a decrease in the arena of APRC and IRC.
You can change the look of Neo CPS rally cars like these. Let's review what sophisticated features in a car peg Proton S2000 mainstay in the event that Rally.

Proton Neo S2000 name implies is a super letter S, while the 2000 is the engine capacity is already a 2000 cc.

This rally car using a capacity of 2000cc four-cylinder engine based on the Proton Waja 1.8. This machine can produce power at 278 hp at 7600 rpm. The great thing is that big power can be achieved without the help of the turbo.

While the standard capacity Neo CPS engine is 1600 cc with power output of 125 hp.

Engine with an output power that big four-wheel coupled with the transmission system specially designed by Xtrac for S2000, which uses a six-speed sequential gearbox with three-plate limited slip differential.

Big machines will be useless if it is not necessarily balanced with good suspesnsi. Proton uses MacPherson strut and wishbone suspension designed by MEM and using dynamic Dampers, and anti-roll bars front and rear.

Change the body design on a more aerodynamic with a larger rear spoiler to increase downforce while eating trajectory rally. Overall, the original design still feels Neo CPS, only difference lies in the fenders that appear more extreme.

While brake system, Neo S2000 is using materials alloys 4 pot calipers and ventilated brake appendix, thus any extreme maneuvers could be controlled by the maximum.

Fun, along with the launch of the Proton Neo CPS, the Proton distribution Indonesian journalists and invited guests to sample the rally cars it.