Sunday, September 19, 2010

Smart Fortwo CDI again most economical car

Smart Fortwo CDI
The Smart Fortwo CDI is again in the future saving master among the production car with combustion engine. The micro car is back to one of 3.3 liters in the standard means.

This corresponds exactly to the value of the VW Polo Blue Motion. In fact, the Smart is still a touch more economical, taking account of the more precise CO2 value: 86 (instead of 88) are 87 grams per kilometer to the Polo. Practical relevance is the difference of course not, as the two cars in size, comfort and price in any case are not comparable, but that the engineers at haggle here every gram is, in principle, clearly a good competition.

The new Fortwo is value in manual shifting mode. Improvement was achieved mainly through a lowering of the vehicle about seven millimeters and a correspondingly improved aerodynamics. Daimler describes this as a measure of several names the other not.

The price of the Smart Fortwo CDI will remain unchanged, off we go from 11 920 €.