Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Top 10 F1 Accident Video - best crashes F1 videos

While the 2010 world championship of Formula 1 has not yet delivered its verdict, returned on the previous seasons with our first major selection of the best crashes of F1 World Championship

2010 - Mark Webber - Valencia

This is called to play leapfrog.Spectacular images ... and a happy ending

2010 - Sébastien Buemi - Shangai

A free practice session that could have turned into a nightmare for the Swiss driver Sebastien Buemi ... At full speed, the suspension of his Toro Rosso has indeed dropped and two wheels have flown

2008 - Nelson Piquet Jr - Singapour

Without doubt, the accident's most famous Formula 1 last ten years ... A crash at night, really suspicious, and eventually his race lead in the courts and the scandal that is known for the team headed Flavio Briatore

1999 - Mika Hakkinen - Imola

Yet champion world but already gifted a sacred driving touch driver Finnish bites vibrator and finish his race in wall

1995 - Ukyo Katayama - Estoril

We chatted a lot about the quality of Japanese pilots Still ... when they give, they whoop! The evidence here with Katayama! Enjoy also the comments in the original

1995 - Jean Alesi - Monaco

Just after the start in the corner of Sainte Devote, Jean Alesi and impales its wheels blocking David Coulthard. Gerhard Berger's teammate Alesi at Ferris would attempt to avoid them ... but in vain. Nice work gentlemen

1992 - Paul Belmondo - Hockenheim

What about the career of Paul Belmondo in F1? Except that it was accelerated. Too bad, because in top form as his illustrious father, Paul knew we gratify sacred waterfalls

1992 - Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher

When two legends, one confirmed and one infant, are on the track, it is inevitably sparks ... An explanation of text that went on in the paddock. The story does not say what sound advice delivered that day to the young Senna Schumacher

1990 - Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost - Suzuka

Remake, like last year, the 1990 edition ends with a collision between Senna and Prost freshly arrived in the Scuderia Ferrari. But this time the Brazilian driver with McLaren wins her second title of World Champion

1989 - Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost - Suzuka

In this championship, the pressure is at its height between the McLaren teammates ... At stake: the title of world champion. The price of a risky maneuver, Senna believes he is the hardest, but it is downgraded, and it finally Prost snatched the title that year. His last title with McLaren