Friday, September 24, 2010

SPESIFIKASI Mercedes-Benz SLK Terbaru Siap Diproduksi

SPESIFIKASI Mercedes-Benz SLK Terbaru Siap Diproduksi

Latest Roadster from Mercedes-Benz has reached the final touch to reach the production stage. Had already seen the latest SLK appeared on the streets.

At first sight, the Mercedes-Benz SLK looks similar to its predecessor, though later on when being produced, the overall style has been completely overhauled.

Front grille looks aggressive with large oval-shaped air flow, and overall appearance of nuanced rounded, including a rear view of the new SLK.

With a length of 4131 mm, width 1808 mm and 1304 mm high, making the SLK interior space into a more spacious, so that it can accommodate a variety of purposes in addition to passenger accommodation.

Bodi aluminum and steel, as well as electro-mechanical steering system and the Mercedes-Benz electronically Operated Brake Torque-vectoring, will be featured are pinned on this new SLK.

While the engine, the latest SLK will be provided three petrol engine options that take the base of the SLK200 CGI-capacity 1.8-liter turbocharged direct-injection, powerful 184 Bhp.

While two other petrol engines, among others SLK250 CGI with 204 Bhp power, as well as the CGI SLK350, with a capacity of 3.5-liter V6 Direct Injection.

And for the first time a diesel engine CDI SLK250, with a capacity of 2.2 liter four cylinder Common-rail powered 204 bhp, will also be pinned on the new SLK body.

"We want to provide a sense of more sport on this new SLK, without sacrificing comfort," said project leader, Jürgen Weissinger, as reported by Autocar, Friday (24/09/2010)

Mercedes-Benz SLK plan to bring this new mat when the Geneva Motor Show next year, and will go on sale in the UK shortly thereafter.