Monday, September 20, 2010

Supercar Arash AF-10 will be worth $ 1 million

Arash AF-10
Contrary to previous data, supercar Arash AF-10, issued by private Iranian-British avtoatele Arash Farboud, will cost nearly $ 1 million. Note previously reported that the price of cars will be almost two times smaller. Rumors that the car is about to introduce the audience, go back to 2008. However, the company now reports that the Arash AF-10 just debuted in November of this year during an exhibition of luxury supercars MPH The Prestige & Performance Motor Show, held in London.

It is reported that later will be released a more powerful version of the model, built on the same chassis as the AF-10. This car will get a V8 engine volume 7.2 liters with two compressors, generating capacity of about 1200 hp and more than 1200 Nm of torque, which will allow the new product to become one of the world's fastest mass-produced supercar.