Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2011 New Chrysler Grand Voyager re-welcome

2011 New Chrysler Grand Voyager
Fiat-Chrysler, Chrysler last but not least, revealed an impressive number of models to come, so some new official such as the Fiat 500 U.S.. There was also the new Chrysler Grand Voyager 2011, called Town & Country overseas.

As expected on spyshots, photos retouched before a divulgent, with a grill and an empty shield relissé. Facies touve it may be too clean but is adorned with a slightly more upscale. Chrome bar on the tailgate, LED lights less geometric, the rear is as impressive but still come through several years without fade.

Incidentally, the new logo was introduced in the Chrysler range. We had discovered almost a year ago. He then based on the new Chrysler 200 sedan and Chrysler 300.

The new Pentastar, the 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine with 283 horsepower and 352 Nm oversee the range Chrysler Grand Voyager, at least in North America. No other details about the smaller engines or diesel. Surely the World Car?

Inside, it is hoped a transformation in the image of the restyled Jeep Wrangler. The only photo seen close would suggest profound changes, and officially ew wheel, redrawn counters and a "super" unique center console.

More details are coming soon.

2011 New Chrysler Grand Voyager
2011 New Chrysler Grand Voyager