Saturday, September 11, 2010

AMG Boat photos and details

Like Lamborghini Lancia and Mercedes Amg and its subsidiary owns their outboard and it inspired the frankly fabulous SLS as you can see from the photos, the two monsters posing proudly side by side.

Unfortunately the engine, or rather the engines are not the V8 and the SLS are not even genuine Mercedes. It is the Mercury marine engine specialist who has undertaken power the beast and he did not pull his punches: under the hood you will find two turbocharged diesel V8 9 (!) Liters of displacement for a total power of 1350 hp!

And with all this horse, this machine does not point at 208 km / h ... But do not forget about water, the marks are very different than road. If you try this boat, get ready to relieve you of € 650,000. As a result, it might be better to pay the SLS .