Tuesday, September 14, 2010


After stunning the world by presenting carrying the Fiesta hatchback and sedan models, U.S. automakers, Ford seems to want to continue to be creative with these flagship products.

Because recently caught Ford is developing a new model of the Fiesta. But not the Fiesta hatchback model was the one who created Ford this time, but a Fiesta but with a miniature model of Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) crossover.

It remembering from a photograph showing spyshoot higher ground clearance of the hatchback model with a body that little enlarged. With this change of cabin space Fiesta MPV version will be more broadly.

But the stylish shades that become the main capital Ford Fiesta will be maintained despite bigger size so although still smaller than the Ford Kuga.

And like detikOto quote from Autocar, Tuesday (09/14/2010), the possibility of this latest model takes inspiration from a concept car named Iosis Max who has shown at the Geneva Motor Show last year.

For the kitchen spur, Ford likely will not be buried 1.2-liter gasoline engines as their applications in Fista hatchback. Perhaps 1.4-liter engine and 1.6-liter engine is more suited applied in this model. Moreover, when the diesel units are also add with circuitry turbodiesels and small turbocharged petrol units Ecoboost.

This new car is likely to be built in Romania. Because Ford has recently confirmed that they have received an injection of funds up to 400 million euros, or about Rp 4.6 trillion from the European Investment Bank to develop small car production at its plant in Caiova. Production capacity at the plant will grow to around 250,000 units by the end of 2011.

Whether or not Ford Fiesta crossover was to be proved further. But if the views of the U.S. car market, the crossover concept car is being intensively-insurgent voyeured U.S. consumers and even the world. Look at Nissan's Juke lover awaited in the U.S.

Besides Mitsubishi's ASX. If proved true, more and more crossover concept car. Well, we just wait presence Crossover Ford Fiesta.